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Health and Fitness Query #2: What motivates people to finish a Challenge? 🤔⠀

Many people are drawn to Challenges because of the sense of accomplishment they have when they finish it. 👊⠀


So, it's not so much of the motivation that keeps them going. It's the effort they invested that gives them meaning to continue. 🏃‍♀️⠀


Fit Club's Fresh Start 21 Day Challenge gives our members an opportunity to see what they are capable of. 💪⠀


We understand that parts of the challenge will be difficult to pass but it will train your mind and body to see what it truly needs.🧘‍♀️⠀


At Fit Club 💙, we offer support and accountability by:⠀

✅doing daily check ins, to make sure you are on the right track⠀

✅giving you mini challenges to keep you moving forward⠀

✅giving you a chance to show your progress through meals you've made, any photos you want to share or what you've learned to incorporate in your routine⠀


Having Fit Club by your side during a Challenge is what will drive you to finish it 🔥. We can help you clarify what you want and need during your fitness journey so that we can keep you healthy and FIT for the rest of your life! 😮⠀


Let's change your life together, here: 👈👈👈⠀


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