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How to lose weight

How to lose weight 🔍

When you woke up this morning, you were skeptical about stepping on that scale. 😱⠀

You found that your jeans weren't as snug anymore and wanted to reassure yourself that you weren't seeing things in the mirror.😮⠀

You step on that scale and.....⠀'re relieved! YES! The numbers are finally going down! 😊⠀

Even if it has just been a week, you feel instant gratification knowing that you're doing something right. 💪⠀

You want to show your results, so you post something like this:⠀

" Week One Done ✅⠀

I have lost 3 lbs so far. I want to thank the Coaches and members for helping me keep track of:⠀

💪 my water intake, which is 3L+⠀

💪 getting my steps in, which is 10 000+⠀

💪 followed my nutrition plan, had a cheat meal, not cheat day⠀

💪 did 5 workouts, all doubles"⠀

This will be one of the many posts you'll be proud of because you are finally seeing progress from all your hard work and guidance from the Fit Fam. 💙⠀

We want to help you see and do all the above and more!👊⠀

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