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I have Sore Muscles. What Can I do?

If you're experiencing pain vs muscle soreness or if your mood has decreased significantly or your energy levels just can't recover, even after a good night's sleep, then you probably need a rest day.

You could try and reduce your intensity and weight load by 50% or more, even go to body weight and go through the motions at Fit Club. Blood flow is the #1 recovery tool.

Also, if you've been going really hard for 6-7 days straight, upped your weights or intensity and or now doing doubles. You must match those workouts with a solid recovery routine such as regular hot baths with bath salts. Daily stretching and mobility routines such as using a lacrosse ball or foam roller. Remember recovering is just as important as your workout and your eating patterns.

Lastly, should you opt for a complete day off. Then go for a light walk, spend a few extra hours in bed, do a full mobility and flexibility routine and adjust your calorie input to output for the day.

Movement will cure your sore muscles!

If you're not sore then Ill assume you're not apart of Fit Club and our 21 days for $20.20 ends shortly. Just hit reply and let me know you want in and we can get that all set up for you.

Coach RJ

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