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I'm Soo Tired!

Most of us are tired all the time and we walk around like zombies. But have no fear, coach RJ is here to give you the best advice on HOW TO GET MORE SLEEP.

First you have to stop eating 3 hours prior to going to bed and aim for 0 carbs in that last meal. What is the main purpose of food? Energy. So if you're eating a big meal then trying to sleep, guess what, your body will digest it and attempt to convert it to energy. But you're sleeping, so it either wakes you up or gets stored as fat.

This might make you look like a nerd, but look into blue blocker glasses. Artificial lights that come from your computer, phone and TV are light staring into the sun all day. It's going to keep you awake by blocking the sleep hormone. Get a pair of blue blockers.

Most of us have to wake up an pee, especially if you're at Fit Club and are following our water plan. So add a pinch of salt to your water to increase absorption and stop you from having to pee at night.

Lastly, WORKOUT. Fit Club is only 35 minutes and you will burn off all that excess energy you come home with. We tend to have a caloric surplus before we go to bed because it's easy to eat. So doing a 35 min workout will burn the excess and help you sleep much fuller and longer.

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