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It’s an escape from reality

The thing I often hear from members is the joy and happiness they feel after they complete a workout on the blue.

We’ve had people spend most of their vacations days working out with us on the blue.

Why wouldn’t you?

It’s a place of positive people that are pushing their butts off to achieve a goal.

The workouts start off a bit intimidating because we stand around in a circle doing a bunch of weird movements like butt kickers, hand to foot and squat monkey symbols.

You watch this person we call coach run around the gym and show us 12-20 exercises that we will be doing.

We stare at him and just hope we remember the one exercise they start us off with.

Then the countdown begins, we pick up our exercise equipment, and we’re off!

Immediately you feel alive.

Bloods pumping, your metabolism is revving and you start to sweat.

Holy crap, I’m working out.

Ok, ok, 1 more rep.

Ok, ok, let me look over there next, what I am doing?

Ok, got it!

I’m going to use that weight for this round.

Coach says….”Everyone give me a WOOO!!””


Man, I feel alive!

And that’s only the first round!

Once you get going, it’s like a roller coaster.

Super fun, lots of energy and fast-paced.

Next thing you know, you’re done.


Wow! I can’t believe I did that.

Ok, back to work….

I can guarantee you, 99% of our clients go through the same experience.

Guess what, we want you to try us out, even for 30 minutes of your 24 hour day.

Come in, we will give you 3 free sessions, followed by our 21 day challenge for only $21.

You can stay, or leave. No pressure, but the majority of our people, why we have over 700 members, stay. But come, just try and see for yourself.

Sincerely, coach RJ

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