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Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Spring is in the air and its time to spring back into our summer clothes.

I know it seems like summer is far away, but the way the weather’s been, who knows, spring could come sooner than expected.

So I’d tell you, now is the time to get into summer shape.

It’s the perfect time, we go out less, have less events, so it’s time to spend more time at the gym and working on our nutrition.

I’d like to see you showcasing your physique in a few months rather than trying to find clothes that hide it.


We are wrapping up our 6 week challenge and the results are exactly as expected.

Everyone’s on course for a 10 pound drop, or 2-4% body fat reduction and muscles are looking great.

Our next one will happen in May so if you want to really ramp it up before summer, that’s what you need.

But still, right now, get into Fit Club 4-5 days a week, keep up with your water and supplements and tighten up on your nutrition.  We have our wrap up party this Saturday, we have our private party from 8-10 pm, after that, all are welcome to come mingle and dance to Latin Music at La Roca Resturant 155 Smith Street.


Last month we hit an all time for facebook check ins at 1000!  Meaning we saved over 100 animals from a kill shelter!

Great work Fit Fam!

This month every 10 check ins using the hashtag #GIVESHOES and we provide a pair of shoes to a kid in need.

So make sure to go to your personal page, check into your Club and use the hashtag #GIVESHOES


Speaking of shoes, we’ve already received over 30 pairs of shoes to donate to various causes and raised over $300 to support communities up north and some in the Philippines.

We brought in a special instructor from Yoga for Soles to lead a class and all the proceeds go to their charity drive.


As for supplement of the month, we’ve decided to try something new in amino energy by optimum nutrition.

Lot’s of our members are sore from our change in programming and most say they are feeling tired during the mid day.

If you’re looking for the “perfect amount of energy” then our new Amino Energy is the perfect supplement for you.  It tastes amazing, the top 2 flavors which we will sample on a Saturday are Blue Raspberry and Watermelon. I’ve tried many watermelon flavored drinks and they all tasted like water then mellon.

Amino Energy tastes exactly what it indicates.

It’s also a complete Amino Acid complex including L-glutamine which speeds muscle recovery, it has about 100 mg of Green Tea Caffeine which gives you energy and actually uses fat as a fuel source.


Lastly our Featured Business of the month is our West member Mike Couture of Couture capital.  He’s an investment specialist, comes highly recommended by other members in the Fit Fam and helps us accumulate more money without the taking unnecessary investment risks.

For March we will be drawing a prize for $1000 in CASH! So bring your friends, family members or co-workers for a Free workout then they can join the 21 days for $47!

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