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Motivation to lose weight

Has this happened to you?⁣

You are really motivated to lose weight.⁣

You start a strict diet because you want fast results.⁣

You start losing weight and get pumped.⁣

You start getting tired of dieting.⁣

You have cravings of your favorite foods.⁣

Eventually you say “screw this, it’s not worth it”.⁣

You have a cheat meal.⁣

The cheat meal becomes a cheat day.⁣

The cheat day becomes a cheat week.⁣

And then you just forget about getting in shape because you think all the progress is ruined.⁣

This is what happens to most people and it’s the reason why weight loss seems impossible.⁣

So what’s the solution?⁣

Not letting a cheat day make you think everything is ruined.⁣

A bad day won’t ruin your progress.⁣

Same as a perfect day won’t get you in shape.⁣

It’s ok not to be perfect.⁣

Nobody is.⁣

The key is to be consistent and make progress most of the time.⁣

Hope this helps!

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