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Non-scale wins

Far to often we get focused on the scale and often its a reflection of our happiness.

I believe the scale is an important tool that can be used for good.

I know people that weigh in every morning to keep themselves on track for the day.

But for some, if the needle goes in the wrong direction is causes frustration, discernment and potentially giving up on their goals. If that’s you and you want to fast track your goals, then join our 21 day program for $21 today and let us get you back on track

This week got me thinking and reflecting on all the win’s we see in the Fit Club Private groups and I wanted to share some of them with you and maybe give you more to look forward to outside of stepping on the scale.

First Theresa posted a picture of herself from 3 years ago. This week marked her 3rd year with the Fit Fam and she does have some major scale wins, but the photo’s she showed were remarkable and motivating. I still remember T and doing her consultation. Her biggest objection was price and all I said was “What's your health worth to you?”. From then on, she’s hit over 1000 workouts and continues to find fitness in all ways.

Hailee is one of our newer members, around 1 year of being in the Fit Fam. Friday afternoon I got a few tickets to the 5 K dirty donkey run. Which is a very tough run, especially for us non runners. I said to Hailee do the run and create a new milestone in your life. Right away she asked, “will I know anyone there” and I said, Big mama will be there and a few other members. Usually when people get worried about doing things alone, they often don’t do it. But the very next day, what do I see on my feed? Hailee completing her very first run! Super proud moment and to me a major non scale win.

And that’s what we do here at Fit Club, we create milestones and major moments of happiness. But Ill tell you, the first 21 days are probably the toughest because your mind and body will fight you. Can I do this? Can I afford this? What will people think of me? These are all battles that you must overcome.

But being open for over 3 years now I see the major growth, success and milestones happening the longer a member stays in the journey.

So if you’re in the Fit Fam right now, enjoy the process, get involved and create milestones. If you’re not, you’re sitting on the fence Ill tell you two things.

1) It gets easier the more you come.

2) You will fall in love with Fitness!

Imagine that, falling in love with fitness.

I’m just a vessel with an amazing team that delivers an amazing product and I want you to be my next success story. So will you take action, spend the $1 a day and start your journey today?

See you on the blue!

Coach RJ

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