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Not only does the weight loss feel great, but I am also starting to see some muscle definition.

When I moved to North Kildonan I noticed an energic Fitness Club in the mall and was interested in the energic group of people who were attending. At the time I was working out on my own – going for walks and to the Chief Pegius dungeon. I had always been somewhat athletic & in my early years was serious about ballet. However, with a variety of life changes, including single parenthood and menopause my weight, energy and general happiness took a negative turn.

I first joined the gym when it was a franchise, but really began to attend a semi regular when it became Fit Club! It was a struggle at first, the cost of a membership, making the time, and finding the motivation… so I was off & on for a while…

By this time menopause had fully happened and my body had revolted! Everything I always did previously did not work anymore. I was gaining weight overnight! Not fitting clothes, no energy and feeling pretty depressed.

RJ 1st invited me to try a 5-day kick start which was exciting and gave me a good idea of what else the gym could do for me… $5 for 5 days – very affordable!

This is when I realized that putting my health & happiness as a priority was important! I could not just take it for granted any longer.

RJ suggested to try my first Belly Burn in January 2022…

Jenn was always there – on the blue- with her energetic workout and guidance in correct form!

Kathy has been my Belly Burn coach- she has been such a positive and supportive coach! So much guidance, & education on weight loss, macros and fasting benefits.

Well, 3 Belly Burns later I have now lost 15 pounds since then.

Visceral Fat has dropped from 8 -6

My total Body Fat dropped by 1.42 pounds

AND I lost 2 – 3 inches over different parts of my body

Not only does the weight loss feel great, but I am also starting to see some muscle definition, I have more energy and I am a happier person! I am proud of how I look & feel

What has made the difference for me is the special combination that all come together at the Fit Club

#1 – The coaches: RJ, Jenn and Kathy have Encouraged, Guided, and Supported me throughout this journey! They also listened – really listened to my struggles and concerns. They have taught me about good form in my workouts, which are always different, fun and effective The workouts have also incorporated stretching which has really been helpful.

#2- Nutrition Education: learning about macros, tracking my food on My Fitness Pal, and the science of how my body works!

#3- The people who are fun to work out with and support you during the workouts and behind the scenes! It truly is a fun place to spend your time!

Fit Club will help me to continue to improve 1% better every day, and prioritize my health and happiness! #fitness #transformation #bellyburnchallenge #winnipeg #manitoba

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