On your phone too much?

How many times do you practice putting the phone down?

It’s proven that humans are attached to their phones for the dopamine hit they get from checking it. That might make you feel good in the moment but you don’t want to become a slave to your phone.  With all the negativity going on in the news your phone can be a big source of stress.  

So, to improve your mindset and motivation, practice putting it away today.

Just spend an hour at minimum doing what can be called a dopamine cleanse. Grab a good book, interact with your kids or just go for a walk.  See how you feel after!

Nutrition Tip

You’ve learned that you need to have some healthy fats in your diet.

Avocados were one of the highly recommended fats. Yet, did you know that avocados are packed full of fiber as well.

Fiber is a nutrient that you may be lacking on at some point in your life. It can help to reduce risks of intestinal disease and may even help to lower cholesterol when consumed in the right quantities.

The great thing about fiber and healthy fats is that they both keep you fuller longer.  Translation, you eat and snack less over time which leads to lower overall calorie intake. 

So grab an avocado, make some guac or just eat it straight with a little lemon and salt (my favorite). 


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