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Put some SPRING in your STEP.🌷 ⁣

Being all cooped up inside all winter has probably kept us yearning for some of that Spring Air. 🌸 ⁣


A common concern when we step outside is Covid and knowing that when we do start doing anything physical, we get winded. It's frustrating to know that when you do for a walk, you can't go for more than a couple blocks. 😓 ⁣


All you want is to able to enjoy that spring air, take the pup for walk and maybe throw a frisbee around, without feeling tired. 😫 ⁣


The best way to get all that negative energy out of the way is...👇👇👇 ⁣




Our workout sessions are formulated to: ⁣

🏃Get you moving at least 3x a week ⁣

🏃Let you go at your own pace ⁣

🏃Get you energized & hopping to get that heart pumping ⁣


Having a plan to move and take action will get you ready just in time for SPRING!🌸 ⁣


DM us to get that SPRING in your step TODAY!👊 ⁣


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