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TG Had NO ENERGY before Fit Club

🤔Tell us your story! How did you find us?

My friend Mimi was who told me about Fit Club. When Mimi came for her free trial I came with her. But I didn’t sign then because I was interested in trying out some other gyms in the area. After a few weeks I ended up coming back for the free 3 days & loved it! I signed up for 21 days and when my 21 days where over I signed up for one more month. But couldn’t afford to continue as I had a family membership somewhere else. But no workout was intense enough or satisfying for me after trying Fit Club. Then when I got the call about  21 days for $21 dollars, I signed up for that & gold membership right after!

🤔What was your life like before joining the fit club?

My life before… I had no energy, even though I had a gym membership I wasn’t working out nearly enough and was so overweight and unhappy with myself. & also I had no self confidence. 

🤔What specific results have you achieved? 

Since joining fit club, I have dropped 35 lb, increased muscle and dropped so much fat. 

🤔What is your life like now? 

My life now is full of energy, self confidence, happy even when life gets hard at times, I have the energy to run around play soccer with my boys. I work out 5-6 days a week and each day I do two or 3 classes depending on my work schedule.

Your transformation is waiting to happen, we have the system to get you there 👇

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