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The Poop Talk

How to know if your digestion is good?

2-5 hours.


How fast it takes you to digest a meal?

Takes about 4-6 hours to pass the small colon


How often based on your food intake are you pooing?

From point of ingestion to excretion it takes 2-5 days to full digest and pass


What is a Perfect poop?

Soft, sausage shaped mirroring the shape of the intestines


Why does my poop hurt?

Come out smooth and effortless

Hard poop could mean dehydration

Liquid poops indicate some sort of stomach virus


Why do I need Fibre?

Draws water to your poop giving it weight, making it easier to pass

Last few days of cutting need to lower fiber

Softens hard poop, adds volume to liquid

When you feel bloated or gassy you have consumed too much fiber

Taking fiber supplements or enriched foods can put you over your numbers

Always consume lots of water with your fiber to help you pass it quickly

Hope this was of value to you.

Any questions about the Fit Club weight loss method, feel free to reach out.

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