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Top Fat Loss questions

Every week we put together questions our clients ask us and we direct them on shortening the gap between their body goals and where they are!

Q-" Is there another way outside of clean eating, working out and supplements that I can drop weight and decrease body fat?"

A- Yes, deep fasting. Deep fasting you would do no more than once a week. This is a day where you dip deep into your fat stores and you give yourself a caloric deficit. You can only do this once a week because your body might think it’s going into starvation mode and decrease your appetite and increase your hunger.

Once a week you pick a day that you can workout in the morning

Fit Club: probably a Saturday.

You fast from the night before and you fast until you’ve burned 50% of your daily caloric intake

If you don’t have a watch, then fast for 17 hours

Your workout should be within your fasting period to accelerate the caloric deficit

You can only drink tea, coffee, lemon water sweetened with stevia or black

No artificial sweeteners

Once you’ve achieved the 50% caloric deficit, you will eat your first meal, which should be something on the lighter side because your stomach is shrunk

½ a portion of your normal breakfast/lunch

Then the rest of the day, you consume 25-50% less calories than you would in a normal day

This is best used for a cheat meal day

You would have the cheat meal and a high protein meal and that’s it for the day

Q-"My goal is 100 workouts in 60 days"

A- Self care is important. Hot bath, massage, physical therapist, zma to enhance sleep.

Q-" I am working out 4-6 days a week but my body fat is staying the same"

A- Nutrition is key when it comes to fat loss, we recommend using My Fitness Pal to track your nutrition and a Garmin smart watch to track how many calories you burn in a day and during your workouts.

Listen, come try us out and see why we transform the mind and body!

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