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Trust the process

Far too often we start something new, we go all in and 5 minutes later we expect results.

We forget that we’ve been inactive for the past X years and that major cheat weekend we just had.

But no worries, because you have the plan set out for you at Fit Club.

If you haven’t been here before but want to start your journey then contact us and we will set you up with 3 free days. Text or call 1-204-228-0431.

If you’re on the 21 day challenge, just focus on developing a routine.

The first 21 days, just focus on making it 3-4 days a week, then up that to 5 and eventually 6.

Yes, I said 6.

Why just today we put our member Tracy Francis up on the 1000 workout wall of fame.

It took 3 years, but 1000 workouts in 3 years are amazing.

Imagine how much your body will love you for that.

If you’re a current member, you’re already a workout-aholic.

You probably come everyday. So now, let’s help you work on your nutrition.

We have the My Coach app where we put together 3-4 weeks of challenges that you will do over the next 12 months.

If you’re in the 6 week shred challenge.

Just follow the exact formula we gave you upon orientation.

Basically this email is to tell everyone, get on a path or follow the path we layout for you.

Have a great weekend!

Coach RJ

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