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🤔Tell us your story! How did you find us?

My husband Randy had been training on and off with RJ for many, many years.  Back in 2015, after turning 50, Randy suggested we both try out NLT (No Limit Training) to help get back in shape.

🤔What was your life like before joining the fit club?

You've heard about the sandwich generation?  We were the "bologna"...sandwiched between caring for high-needs elderly parents and our son who was in jr high/high school.  Working a demanding full time job...being a working mom...taking care of "me" was really low on my priority list. I was exhausted and would crash at the end of the a very sedentary life.  I know I needed a (lifestyle) change if I was going to age gracefully and do what I can to avoid typical illnesses that are a result of an unhealthy lifestyle.

🤔What were you most skeptical about before joining Fit Club?

We started off slow.  We worked out 2 days/week and then after a few months increased our frequency to 3 days/week.  Every step of the way over the past 4 years has been a progression to get me to the point where I'm mostly doing doubles 6 days/week.

🤔What specific results have you achieved? 

I've lost over 30 pounds.  Which is doesn't come off easy at all.  And my goal is to lose another 5-7 but that's not my primary focus.  The biggest achievement is a new, healthy lifestyle. Exercise is our priority and then things like diet fall into place.  It's not about dropping weight fast and then going back to old habits. It's about making good choices. This is a journey...I expect to be doing this into my 90s! LOL.

🤔What is you life like now?

I'm stronger and focused on making "me" a priority so that I can be the best for my family.  Randy continues to be the best cheerleader and I appreciate that we are taking this journey together.

🤔What would you tell someone about joining?  

Just do it.  You're worth it and the gym welcomes people of all shapes and fitness levels and makes you feel welcome.  I also tell people about my goal to age as healthy as possible. I also really appreciate seeing younger women - the newer Mom's - that are at the gym and taking care of themselves and being strong role models for their kids.  If I could go back to my late 30s/40s...I would have started sooner.


Your transformation is waiting to happen, we have the system to get you there 



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