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What's going on with Fit Club!?

Are we over the depressive season?

Did we finally realize that Summer is over?

Can we now expect the snow, but even worse….the windshield. Haha

Living in Winnipeg for 37 years, I’ve finally accepted that there is a silver lining to the cold weather.

Number 1, we stay in more. I like that because now I get to see my coworkers more, I usually plan to see my friends more and staying in after a long day of work, chilling by the fire place, watching TV, I don’t feel so bad because “who wants to go outside”.

So in turn, the winter months is when Fit Club is actually it’s busiest. It’s also the best time when our members start to follow a meal plan. Mainly because the BBQ’s, patios and warm weather all warrant some sort of alcoholic beverage and tasty cold treat.

So now, we make it fun to be at Fit Club. This month our beautiful managers Jenn & Michelle hosted a special 3 class holiday workout. The place was packed, everyone was sweating, smiling and sore. Their red faces almost matched the red they wore for Remembrance day.

Coming up in a few weeks we have our annual Ugly Christmas party, which is Nov 23, 7-9 pm rossmere lanes. We are pretty much sold out, but if you don’t want to bow or eat, just come hangout with the Fit Fam!

Lowey Insurance has graciously sponsored Fit Club and they gave a $1000 visa gift card for just bringing your friends through the door. Every 1 friend and you get a ballot. I know a guy that brought his sister from out of town for a workout and he won the 65 inch TV prize we had!

The thing about why we worked with Lowey insurance is because our Member Melissa Lowey always comes to a workout with a smile on her face and she works hard. So one would assume that would bleed into her work.

So if you want a “homegrown” team working with you on your insurance, here’s an awesome video

Now a lot of our clients have lost a lot of weight and their body fat is continually going down. But muscle doesn’t seem to be moving anywhere. So what can you do? Creatine!

Creatine is our product of the month. But of course, Fit Club get’s you into the low BODY FAT club. So we still want to shred. Your ultimate goal would be to hit 15% body fat once through your journey. It took me 3 years of doing Fit Camps (I was a bodybuilder prior) to get below 15%. Quick tip. Focus on dropping 0.5% per week, once you get to 2%, keep doing what you’re doing until you maintain the 2% for 4 weeks, then make adjustments to your food and supplements.

Don’t worry about style of workouts because ours are designed to drop body fat and increase muscle. Now creatine basically provides more fuel to recover quicker between lifts or high intensity movements. When you can output more, you lift more, you build more muscle faster (lean muscle). So take 2 pre workout, 2 post, 2 in the am and take 4 on non workout days.

Here’s a great video from the professionals at Gorilla Jacks

This month we are going to get more details from the Cancer Care ward and see if there’s some way we can make life more enjoyable for those that are in palliative care. We have raised $850 through our cancer care t-shirt sales and we want to give directly back to those that are affected by cancer. I know personally when I was in the hospital for my knee fracture, the staff were amazing, but they have jobs and I really felt alone.

So if you work for the hospital or in the ward, please reach out to me so I can make arrangements.

Our member Mary is putting together shoe boxes to fill and send them back to the Phillipines where even the smallest item from Dollarama or the toys kicking around that your kids have outgrown, will make a BIG deal to them and put a smile on their face this Christmas day.

Further, we are going to do our annual local family sponsor. So we will be getting a list of needs, set up some boxes at the front desk and if anyone or everyone can contribute, that would be amazing. Please stay tuned.

Lastly, we’ve upped our game and moved from the 21 day challenge to the 30 day slimdown challenge for only $30. So now is a great time to get your people to be apart of our community. I love doing things with my friends and family, so this is the perfect entry way for them to join. Here’s the link to our website, so just copy it and sent it off on your facebook page or text it to a friend

So that’s it! November is that transition month and preparation month for the holiday season. We know all the treats and parties that come in December, so let’s focus up now, get ourselves into a deficit and start December off right.

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