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When we need a shot of motivation, we can always watch our Transformational videos.

Even as coaches we burn out, lose motivation and need inspiration once in awhile.

This week has been truly magical with the transformations that our clients have gone through.

A long term member since the dungeon days at Chief Peguis shared her journey.

When she first started she was intimidated and afraid she wouldn’t be able to do it at all.

Now into her 50’s she comes 5 days a week and her mind and body are continuing to transform.

A busy dance & sports mom, being a part of many committees, all of that would end, as a personal roadblock would set her back. Now seemingly having all the time in the world, she struggled with what to do with that time. Even a small amount of depression set int.

Fast forward, and now a member at Fit Club West, she’s so much more energetic, lively, and striving.

Her transformation is amazing and she continues to strive and achieve her goals.

Each one of our members stories is like an espresso in the morning for us coaches and our mission is to put 100 people on our 1000 workout wall of fame.

So for people thinking about it but aren’t sure if you can, reply to this email and we can set you up with 3 free days.

After the 3 free days, if you feel you want to try it out for another 21 days, then let us know after your 3 free days.

Once you finish your 21 days, we have a month to month membership, 4 month, 6 month or a paid in full membership that all come at different prices and really is decided by you and how long you think you can stick it out or what your goals are.

For current members, we have our intensive 6 week challenges we run 3 times a year. We also run mini challenges that you get next to nothing, such as the Paleo Challenge that starts in November. And lastly, see us at the front desk as a gold member to get into the Nutrition coaching system so we can motivate, inspire and keep you accountable off the blue.

There you have all your options, we make it easy for you. We have so many decisions during the day that we fry out and end up doing nothing. Fit Club gives you the exact formula that has worked for 1000’s of clients and we make going to the gym fun.

See you on the blue,

Coach RJ

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