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Working out is probably a thing, but taking care of yourself is a lifestyle.

When it comes to working out and taking care of yourself, there are 3 general phases that we all go through and unless we work through all of them, we will never survive.

So today I want to walk you through what your first 2 years of working out will look like and what will you get out of them if you go through them. Your first workout.

At Fit Club, we give 3 free days to try us out.

In those first 3 days, your mind and body will have majorly mixed emotions.

But ultimately you have to decide if the pain of whatever brought you in the door is big enough to even commit to the next level, which is our 21-day challenge.

When I talk about pain, it could be anything. You could be in really good shape, but you’re bored with your current routine. You could have been on a family vacation and the long walks and hikes destroyed you, leaving you feeling winded and incapable. Or you could have gone up 4-6 pant/dress sizes in the past 12-24 months and you’re just tired of it. Whatever your reason, it brought you through the door.

Then you start your challenge.

You get some information about how to really maximize it because our job is to get the result you’re looking for in the shortest timeframe possible.

But you’re main focus is to see if you can even make it.

Days go by, you’re really sore.

You’re tired.

You have trouble walking.

You’ve taken so much time off that your body isn’t used to functioning at a high level anymore.

Some give up right after their first 5-7 workouts just due to the discomfort.

But wait, if you can just get another 2-3 more weeks in, your body will adjust and in fact, those pains will go away.

The key in this phase is developing a habit.

Go at the same time if you can.

Make it mandatory for the 21 days.

Right now you are trying to reverse years, maybe even decades of inactivity.

For this phase, establish a habit. Then you get on as a gold member.

Now you’ve established the habit and now you’re on your way to achieving your goal.

You have your meal plan, your workouts are all scheduled and your mind and heart are in the right direction.

You drop 5 pounds. Your clothes fit better, you’re less out of breath.

Finally, you’re getting back to your younger self!


But, this weekend is a friend’s birthday. Or you have a wedding to attend. Oh no, you got sick. You got stuck late at work. Work is busy so you’re working extra hours. It’s the holiday season. I injured my knee…… The list goes on and on.

The obstacles will come at you left and right.

It’s this point you will have to stabilize yourself through stormy weather.

Just like anything worthwhile, you have to make sacrifices and adjustments.

But as long as you keep your goal in mind, taking care of yourself and rewarding yourself with 30 mins 4-5 times a week, these mountains of obstacles become minor bumps in the path.

But this phase, depending on the setbacks takes 12-18 months to establish. Now you’ve been with Fit Club for 12-18 months.

Working out is now apart of your daily routine.

It’s a no matter what scenario.

This is the growth phase.

This is now the time when you really start to take on the other challenges of living a fit life.

When you travel, are you living an obese or fit life?

What about rest and recovery, are you practicing proper habits?

Can you have a piece of pie and not feel guilty. Or can you stop at one piece?

These are all challenges that when you overcome them, you won’t need a new goal.

You won’t need a new challenge.

Literally, fitness is now apart of the way you eat, breath and think.

It’s not an obsession, it’s a lifestyle.

When all your at the office and all those treats come flowing in for a birthday, retirement party, birth party, holidays. You have self-control and really, what they say or put in front of you don’t even phase you.

Because at this point you’re growing, you’re establishing your lifestyle and ultimately, living your best life! Depending on where you are in your journey, The Club will help you through this entire process. Just text or email us today. GETFIT@FITCLUB.FIT or 1-204-228-0431


Your Coach RJ

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