You don’t have to read this blog post

But this post is to explain the why 100 people on the Workout Wall Of Fame.

Right now we are going through a transition phase at our Fit Clubs.

Inch by inch we are covering up the past colours of our former name.

But the thing that remains are the people that got put up on the wall of fame.

Each person hit the 1000 workout mark at their own time.

Some goal crushers, some that love the community and some that love it all.

Now not all are still with us and I do miss them dearly.

But one thing that will stay forever is the impact.

So I decided as the CEO that the mission is to get 100 people between both locations up on the wall of fame by 2024.

Why? Why is that important?

Because each one of those people on the wall, I’ve personally seen the evolution they’ve made not only on the blue workout floor, but in their lives.

The impact they make at work, with their family and others they are around.

I always say you are the sum of the 5 people around you and if Fit Club can make 1 of those people 1% better, then we’ve done our job.

Because to me fitness is more than another workout, it’s a way of life.

So this email goes to 3 people.

1 to all those loved ones we hang on the wall for all your hard work and dedication. You’ve truly blessed us with this journey.

2 those currently on route, you have 4.5 years from today to make it happen and I truly believe in you and we will always be here during your journey.

3 those that are on the fence, wondering if we are the right fit for you. If you’re reading this email, there’s something that is wanting to come out, so join us for our 21 day challenge, sample the environment and you make that decision if we are a good fit for you.

Click to join

Sincerly, Coach RJ

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