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After 4 years at FitClub it's clear to me that working out would help me feel fitter and stronger.

Hi, my name is Benita and I started attending FitClub at North Kildonan 5 years ago. You may not recognize me because I don’t have my hat on as I always wear one during workouts. Since starting I have completed over 1025 classes. I joined FitClub because my body, especially one of my knees, was beyond repair from years of activities and sports, particularly soccer, and I needed a more sustainable way to maintain my overall body health. When I first started doing classes I was unable to kneel, crouch, bend, or straighten my leg properly, and often could not sleep at night because of knee pain. Since then, FitClub has helped me get to the point where most of my mobility in my knee has returned, and I sleep pain-free. I have noticed other changes, like my arms and upper body are noticeable stronger, making simple things like lifting bags of groceries and doing chores around the house easier. I have also been able to continue doing activities like hiking and back country canoeing that at one time I thought I might have to give up.

My biggest struggle to get to 1000 workouts was to maintain my fitness levels during the pandemic closure. This was an epic fail for me. I put on 10-15 pounds and my unhealthy eating and drinking habits hit new lows. This fall I had to hit the reset button and start my journey from scratch, and it has felt so good to be back on the Blue for daily in-person classes again.

I think that the three biggest contributors to my success have been to find time to workout every day, learning how to eat healthy, and having a partner who has a similar fitness oriented lifestyle.

When I first started I had difficulty finding time to workout every day because of my work schedule. I am a horrible morning person but decided to try a morning class and am shocked to say that I have been a regular 5:45 am attender for years. It is a no-excuses time to workout, and I love the atmosphere and energy to start my days.

My biggest struggle has been to learn how to eat clean. After 4 years at FitClub it became clear to me that working out would help me feel fitter and stronger but that I would not lose weight without changing my diet. This last November I signed up for my first 30 day belly-burn challenge where I was coached on how to meal prep and develop healthy and sustainable eating habits. I lost more than 10 pounds, and I just completed my second challenge during which I lost 8 pounds. For the first time in my life I feel like I am in control of what I eat rather than the reverse. Looking back, I wish I had done this starting on day one because it has quickly impacted my overall energy levels and fitness.

When I first started working out my partner was not active or interested in improving her diet which made it difficult for me to stay committed to my goals when it came to clean eating. After a year at FitClub I convinced Sharon to try a class and she has since joined full time and has “drunk the cool-aid”. Meal prepping and clean eating has become significantly easier now that we are both doing it together.

I would love to thank all of the coaches and members of FitClub who create a positive, like-minded, welcoming, and encouraging atmosphere to workout in. The coaches are experienced, supportive, and personable which creates a sense of community that has been an added bonus in this experience. The coaches go above and beyond every day to guide us in our journeys - a big shout out to them!

If I had to say anything to my past self it would be “you’re fine, keep going”, “do a 30 day challenge right now!” and be “1% better every day!”

If I had to give advice to someone pursuing 1000 workouts I would say “you’re fine, keep going”, “do a 30 day challenge right now”, and be “1% better every day!”

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