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Have you ever thought you could get into Keto without being on a keto diet?

Check this video out on BHB - exogenous ketones

What do they do?

In a fasted state they force your body to utilize body fat as a quick energy source. When should I take it? Empty stomach so that food doesn’t stop the BHB’s from working. Best used when fasting.

How much should I take?

3-6 grams daily. You can spread them out during your fast. The last intake should be 1 hour before you eat.

Are there side effects? At very high dosages (10 grams or more) you could get an upset stomach or runny poops.

How long does it take? It takes about 2 hours post consumption for your body to start ketosis.

What should I notice? You should notice your energy levels will increase. You won’t feel an energy depletion because you are fasting or have low calories.

Ketogenesis vs Exogenous ketones Keto is when you consume very few carbs and your body makes fat your primary fuel source.

Exogenous ketones are added to the bloodstream

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