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Summer Shred Checklist 1

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

See details below the checklist...

Take a screenshot of this 5 day worksheet and have it posted somewhere you can view it as a reminder daily.

You will post your day at 8 pm every night on Facebook or Instagram, just be sure to tag me and or @RJ_Padua and @fitclubbellyburn when you report so we can hold you accountable.

Abs you will do daily first thing in the morning so you start the process of burning fat, first thing. Do the abs for 30 seconds.

Steps, your goal always is to get 10,000. But if you get more, then post that you got more.

Supplements, if you have a self-supplement plan, the report you took them. If you are wondering what supplements to take, keep it simple and take 6 LEAN-R's a day. They are available in person at Fit Club (1795 Henderson).

Workout, make sure you get at least 1 in. If you do more, then do more. Yes virtuals count as a workout. (sorry we are only counting Fit Club as workouts for this challenge).

TOTD, is an extra task you will complete on your own, just to burn some extra calories and try something new.

Report, is you posting you did all of the above.

If you complete these challenges, its a perfect way not to fall off between Belly Burns and I will issue you more in the future.

You got this!

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