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The Big Fast - Shred Fat with no diet

Here's a fasting challenge for you..

The premise behind fasting for Fit Club is to get your body to start using stored body fat as fuel.

We limit your window to eat your calories and doing so will naturally decrease your total amount of calories.

This is a progressive 5 day challenge where everyday you will be increasing your fasting hours and gradually reducing your calories.

Day 1 = 14 Hours

Day 2 = 16 Hours

Day 3 = 18 Hours

Day 4 = 20 Hours

Day 5 = 24 hours

For a full breakdown example see below.

I love fasting, it'll get you on track and give you a boost in the fat loss region.

Post daily on your facebook/instagram account and tag me so I can hold you accountable.

Good luck!

Example: Day 1 = 14 hours

-Stop eating Sunday at 8 pm, your first meal is Monday at 8 am.

-When you do eat you consume a 25% calorie deficit, which is around 1800 calories for most people

-Try and only have liquids that are 0 calories

Day 2 = 16 hours

-Stop eating Monday at 8 pm and first meal is Tuesday at 10 am

-Eat 1600 calories once you break your fast

Day 3 = 18 hours

-Stop eating Tuesday at 8 pm and first meal is Wednesday at 12 pm.

-Eat 1500 calories

Day 4 = 20 hours

-Stop eating Wednesday at 6 pm and first meal is 12 pm Thursday

-Eat 1250 calories

Day 5

-Stop eating at 5 pm Thursday and eat again 5 pm Friday

-Eat 1000 calories once you break your fast

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