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You are stuck with me!

My name is Charleen Dzendzara and this is my 1000 workout journey!!

I started FIT CLUB in 2017, when it was Fit Body Bootcamp. I was 45 years old, barely worked out actually I never worked out. When I first walked in, there was so much energy and it actually looked fun!

Being a fulltime working mom with 2 kids playing high level hockey I don’t have a lot of time for box gyms and do my own workout. I need to get in get it done and go.

Everyone comes to the gym for different reasons, my reason is mental. I need this more than everyone realizes, Being happy on the outside is not necessarily what is going on in the inside.

Sometimes I feel it took me a long time to get to 1000 but everyone goes at their own pace and I had mine. When I started here and for a couple years, I went when I felt like it, I did maybe 2 at most 3 classes a week, I wasn’t in the mindset to be here. Covid happened, I was sent home to work and have been since March ,2020. I realized I needed the gym more than ever.

Me – being a people person and I love to chat AND I loved to see people, especially my gym crew. I am now going 5 – 8 times a week, I just go, sometimes I have no idea I booked a class or what time it is I just show up like clockwork LOL. I Like the gym I do! like I never would have said that ever.

My biggest change from 100-1000 workouts is my energy and how much healthier I feel. I feel amazing! My biggest struggle to complete these 1000 workouts is being consistent in showing up.

What would I say to my past self?? I would say SELF! Why didn’t you get your butt to the gym sooner!

Contributing factors to my success are my workout crews, I’ve been to a variety of class times and met so many amazing workout friends! Who make it enjoyable to come to each class I attend! You all know who you are!

And the coaches, that push me each and every class! A love/hate relationship LOL, I appreciate the effort from all of the coaches and members that keep me motivated and keep me on track as my mind tends to wander in class ahaha. The accountability of coaches and my last class crew are the best!

A special shout out to my Last Class Best Class! You truly are my friends for life!

I will be 50 in a few weeks and I really feel 40!

It is never to late to work out. I have made my workouts a priority in the last couple years, I have made me the priority. I am so proud of myself!

Words of encouragement… Never give up and it is never too late to start working out!

RJ, you created an amazing gym with amazing coaches and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. You are stuck with me!

SEE You all on the blue!

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