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Commitment to Getting Healthier

Updated: May 8, 2022

Commitment to Getting Healthier

Hi, my name is Barb aka Barbie.

I completed my 1000th workout on Saturday, April 23rd and it took me 3 years and 10 months to reach that Milestone.

I started here at the North Henderson fit Club location and my first workout was on June 11th, 2018 with my niece Tesia. I had some co-workers who had been coming to fit club and they had told me how much fun they were having so I decided to try it out. I was overweight and feeling very tired all the time so I needed to make a change and start feeling better about myself. I had also gone through shoulder surgery prior to starting at Fit club so the coaches were excellent in showing me how to do the exercises in a Safe way as I was recovering. Joining Fitclub actually helped my recovery process go more quickly.

Over time I found that my energy and strength kept improving and that I could accomplish more things around my house and yard and also keep up more easily with my 3 very active nieces.

One of the biggest changes from 100 workouts to 1000 workouts would have to be my commitment to getting healthier.

I realized that I was just "coasting" through my workouts and not going beyond my limits. I did not make my Fitness a priority so the consistency wasn't there.

However, now I am constantly pushing myself past my limits and not only am I reaching my goals but I am surpassing them. Once I saw my muscle mass increasing, my fat decreasing and my energy skyrocketing, it became easier and easier to keep pushing forward and challenging myself.

Another big change would have to be my increased strength, especially my core strength. When I first started FitClub, I had zero core strength. It was so hard to do a push-up and I could only do push ups from my knees whereas now I can do them from my toes and I can go through an entire push up routine with Coach Jenn without having to take a break.

Another exercise that I could barely do was the pull up. I could barely pull my body up on that bar and now it is not even a struggle for me anymore.

My biggest struggle was during the covid lockdown. When we first had to stay home and do the virtual workouts, it was still a lot of fun and my motivation continued but after about six or seven months, the isolation started taking its toll on me. Even though the coaches were fantastic on the zoom virtual workouts, it was getting more and more difficult to keep me motivated.

Personal struggles will always get in the way of motivation and during the covid lockdown, I had lost quite a few doggy clients who had passed away. As most of you know, my doggy clients are a part of my family so it was difficult to have to go through that over and over again. The last straw was losing Bailey, Jen and Rick's little girl. I let that get to me and ended up stepping away from working out for a few months.

Unfortunately, that was a big step backwards for me as I had gained back some of the weight that I had lost and I fell back into bad eating habits again. Thankfully when the covid restrictions started lifting, Fitclub opened up again. I went on that zen planner very quickly to sign myself in for the workouts and It was exactly what I needed to get my motivation back. I had never realized how much I missed being with other people until I was isolated at home. The other Fitclub members have always inspired me with their hard work and dedication and to be able to feel their energy on the Blue again was fantastic.

The three biggest contributors to my success would have to be the Fit Club members, the coaches and my family.

The Fit Club members are what keep me going every day. To be surrounded by such dedicated and like-minded people is what I need to stay energized. They all continue to inspire me with their hard work and commitment to their own fitness goals.

The FitClub coaches are always so inspiring and constantly motivate me in getting healthier. They will always have something positive to say and they know when to push you and get you out of your comfort zone.

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