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Don’t fear failure. Failure is what teaches you resilience and strength!

Hi, I’m Corrine Johnson, also known as CoJo, and this is my 1000 workout. I started at fit club in September of 2019. I came in on a trial run with my friend Tracy. Had it not been for her, I may never have walked through those doors. I was shy, extremely self conscious and I struggled with bouts of depression. Day 1… To say I was intimidated is an understatement. I waited in the hall, and now the doors opened and it was time. Tracy assured me I was going to be fine and in we went. That’s the moment I met Jackie. What a beautiful breath of fresh air. She was kind and inviting and a bit of the tension eased. Coach Jenn was sat at the desk with her. Her smile was warm and as she welcomed me in it made me feel less guarded. Ok, this isn’t so bad. Now I met the coach, Coach Rick. He guided me through my first classes and before I knew it, I drank the koolaid. I was hooked. Insert covid here… Lockdown 1.

I can’t even beat around the bush on this one. I hadn’t been around long enough to truly appreciate how much fit club was going to mean to me yet. I fell off the wagon and really struggled to commit to the virtuals at home. After several months of being away from the blue, word came that we could return with masks. I was back in the door on day 1 and I remember crying as I walked in. Finally, a piece of normalcy. No one could have predicted how short lived this would be. Lockdown 2. This time I was determined not repeat the past. I became very active on the virtual workouts and actually looked forward to seeing the coaches in my living room each day. Finally the doors opened again. Thank goodness! There is nothing like the environment and workout you get on the blue! Coach Rick got me through my first 500 workouts. He had each of my milestones and its been an amazing journey. I thank you for being so kind and patient. I thank you for your knowledge and wisdom. I thank you for pushing me and encouraging me.

Coach Jenn and Coach Jessica. You beautiful ladies have showed me what a strong independent woman looks like. You are full of grace and dignity, class and style with just the perfect hint of don’t underestimate me. You have been my role models in this journey and I love each day I get to work with you.

Coach Jesse .you have seen me through milestones 600 to 1000! You have challenged me in more ways then one. You have been such a huge support throughout my journey. You took time to encourage me through my intership and teach me. You push me to the limits and have shown me that I can achieve anything I set my mind too. You challenge me on the blue to not give up, and to try it again until you can. You motivate and inspire so many people in so many ways. Thank you.

Jerome, you are amazing. Behind the scenes you have always had my back. You make each virtual so fun. Your spontaneity and comic character make you one of my favorite people to see each morning. Thank you for making the mornings fun and thank you for making us look good. Not always an easy feat.

Coach RJ… I don’t know where to start. You had a dream. An incredible vision. When you approached me about an internship, I remember asking you why. Your response left a permanent mark on my heart. You told methrtrs a certain spark about you . You believed in me when I didn’t and I couldn’t believe in myself. Words will never be able to express how grateful I am. I thank you and the universe every day for all the amazing opportunities and people I have met along the way. I thank you for allowing me to be just a small part of your amazing dream. You created an atmosphere like no other. There has been no other place that has felt as at home as this. We are a family.

The biggest factors to my success has been my family who have always stood behind me, the atmosphere that is Fit club and the amazing support and encouragement from the members here.

Although my husband and 4 kids don’t have the desire to try a workout with me, they have always supported me. Personally, I think they are just scared they cant keep up to mom and ill kick there asses.

This place is like no other! I cant help but get excited to come to the gym. The members really do make this place something special. last class is where I began, that’s my OG class. They are who kept me coming back , but as I began my coaching journey I quickly learned each class is full of special and amazing people . And I cant imagine not having them all in my life.

If I could talk to my past self, I would say believe in yourself. Don’t fear failure. Failure is what teaches you resilience and strength. Don’t fear judgment and the unknown for that’s how you learn. Put yourself out there. You cant succeed if you don’t try.

To anyone pursuing 1 or 1000 workouts, you can do it. Put one foot infront of the other. This is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself.

I am Coach Corrine and I will see you on the blue!

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