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"I would always be out of breath and felt ‘slow’ on the floor"

Hi, my names Amanda and I just completed my 1000th workout. I started back with RJ and No Limits Training back in the good ole dungeon days however life got the best of me, and I just wasn’t ready to commit to myself. I ended up leaving and coming back a few years later just as the pandemic hit to what is now called Fit Club. I was able to get to my 1000th workout in just over 2 years.

What has been the biggest change from 100 to 1000 workouts for you? If multiple changes, list them together, then expand on each individually.

The biggest changes I have noticed from my 100 to 1000th workout are my endurance, strength and my motivation. I have played co-ed ball hockey for many years before coming to Fit Club and would always be out of breath and felt ‘slow’ on the floor, I am now able to take long shifts, do not get as winded and can keep pace with the guys. I find I can run and play harder than ever before because of the endurance I have gained from the Fit Club workouts.

I can now do exercises and weights I never thought I would be able to do. My first goal which I thought was impossible was to do 1 push up from my toes, I can now proudly say I am able to regular push ups from my toes and have been work on narrow push ups to be my next goal, I am not scared to try heavier weights and always get a chuckle when I hear coach Jenn telling me ‘That looks a little too easy Amanda’.

I also find my motivation is at an all time high, it’s not just seeing progress, it is the encouragement from other members and the coaches, it is the accountability and getting called out if are not seen OTB. Knowing people notice you, and have your back has helped me keep focused to get where I am today.

What was your biggest struggle to complete the 1000 workouts?

The biggest struggle I faced getting to 1000 workouts was the pandemic, it wasn’t the struggle to actually workout at home, it was getting the same level of workout in. It lacked the energy and push you get when on the blue. I also struggled with the many changes forced on gyms, open to closed back to open, it really played a toll on my emotions and mentality.

My journey to get to where I am today started 14 years ago. Yes, my journey has been a bit long, obstacles, life and wanting to be sustainable all played a part in that; however, I am happy to say I have lost 140lbs. With a weight loss that significant it creates other issues you don’t think about, I had extra skin hanging from my belly and arms that caused me pain daily and made it painful to do certain movements and exercises. I dealt with chronic back pain. In November 2021 my Dr referred me to a plastic surgeon to discuss my options as the back pain and limited movements were starting to play with my mental health. I made the decision to make the big investment into myself and opted for skin removal surgery. Now, this is not a struggle, but it did set me back from reaching my 1000th workout. I had surgery and had to limit my physical activity for 8 weeks and did not fully get back to full on the blue workouts till the 10-week mark. I can happily say I am back, stronger than ever and as coach Jenn likes to say “New Goals Amanda”

What were the 3 biggest contributing factors to success? List them together, then expand on each factor individually.

The 3 contributing factors to my success would be consistency, the coaches and my support system. I would not be where I am today if I didn’t stay consistent, this part actually came easy, after missing a few early morning classes I really noticed the difference in my energy for the day and just felt generally ‘off’, my day is not the same if I do not start it waking up and getting my butt through the doors for a 5am workout. The coaches at fit club are amazing, they take the time to get to know you on and off the blue, they figure out what works to push you and get you to your goals. This says a lot about how much they care for their members. There is no blanket approach, you really do feel the coaches are there to see you succeed. I also must give some credit to my support system, my friends and family on and off the blue. Encouraging me to continue, commenting on the positive effect it has had on me, how much happier and confident I am, fellow members reaching out to me to tell me I have inspired them to continue and to make them feel like they are not alone.

First and foremost, I need to give a shout out to coach Jenn, she is the reason I wake up so early every morning. She is the first person I see each morning and always greets me with a smile and a good morning before kicking my ass, my day would not be complete without her pushing me, she picked up real quick on what pushes me and knows how competitive I am. Jenn is more than a coach, she is a friend. She will reach out to you personally if you’ve missed class just to make sure everything is ok, she truly cares.

I also have to mention my 5am crew – all out ski machines baby! I have made some incredible friends. We have a blast on and off the blue, whether it be having fun on the blue while still getting an awesome workout or partying at a convenience store after hours we know how to have fun. I couldn’t have asked for a better group!

To Jessalind, my gym wifey, where would I be without you! You and Jesse were the main reason I decided it was time to get back into Fit Club. You have been my 5am partner ever since I stepped through those doors. We knew each other through ball hockey prior to fit club but working out with you has brought us closer. You know I could never turn down a challenge, it is the competitiveness in me, right from the start you would throw things my way to push me further, then started making me do the same challenges your husband coach Jesse was giving you. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would actually enjoy doing burpees.

If I could go back in time, I would tell my former 300lb+ self to believe in myself more, I am stronger than I believe myself to be both mentally and physically. I would remind myself to not let excuses get in my way, just start moving.

I would tell anyone trying to get into a routine or joining Fit Club to always remember who you are doing it for. You are doing it for your health, to feel better, live longer – finding your why is big motivation. I would also encourage pushing outside of your comfort zone, try using heavier weights, even if you drop to a lower weight again next round, only doing one burpee? How about trying for two. Always challenge yourself, you will be surprised at what you can do!

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