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The Secret of Success for doing a Belly Burn Challenge

The Secret of Success for doing a Belly Burn Challenge

Today, Coach Corrine shares her 5 tips for success for doing Belly Burn Challenge

1. Keep water by your bed. Before you get moving get 500ml in and get the other 500 as u get ready. 1 litre down before you leave for work.

2. Ask questions and lean on one another. We all slip up and have an off day. Look to your group for support and encouragement.

3. Find a go-to recipe that you can eat often. Something that can be switched up so you don’t get bored.

4. You hear it all the time… trust the process. Consuming 2000-2500 calories seems scary, and this is where you really have to focus and trust. It works!

5 . This isn’t a diet. Don’t view it like one. Learn to make the small changes to set yourself up for long-term success. This is a new you. A lifestyle change.

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