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4 Fit Fam Food Tips: feat Mrs Ripped Charlene Zawasky

4 Fit Fam Food Tips: feat Mrs. Ripped Charlene Zawasky

What do we do with veggies that are ready to expire?

What about when we really want a crunchy snack?

How can we get protein without always drinking a shake?

Today in Nary’s kitchen I'll be giving you Food tips from the Fit fam…

These 4 came from our member Charlene:

Do I have to toss my wilted vegetables?

No- vegetables can be rehydrated. Place them in a container with water and some ice too and for a few hours (either in the fridge or out of the fridge).

Craving crunchy hack-

cut up a bunch of raw veggies in advance and place them in a container in the fridge so when you feel like cheating you have a quick healthy source. Carrots can stay well and crisp when in a container with some water.

Egg hack for keeping protein more available

(access to the most protein) do not overcook them. I.e. scrambled eggs- leave them slightly wet So they appear still moist. Overcooking eggs is still okay if that’s the only way you like them but there is less protein that is bioavailable

Have a protein “stash”.

If you work in an office it can be easy to forget a meal at home and or if you travel and drive around.

Keep a collection of high protein foods in a drawer or in your console of ur vehicle (things like protein bars, Nary's bars and protein pre-made drinks)


put a large container out on the counter with mint leaves and some other kind of thinly sliced vegetable like cucumbers etc for a fresh and natural flavor- add a lemon or lime too.

Refresh daily with a ton of ice

If you want more Food Tips and nutrition coaching, send Fit Club a message to get started today.

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