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Battle Back, Get Healthy, Find what Works for You

I' ’ve just completed my 1000 workout, I started in September 2019 and it took 2 1/2 yrs to get to this point.

Most of my workouts have been at Fit Club North while some have been on the virtual platform.

Absolutely the biggest changes have been my endurance, physical shape, weight, body image, I’m in the best shape of my life now.

My heart rate no longer skyrockets, I don’t mind seeing myself in a mirror or am I embarrassed to go shirtless in the summer, I went from an xl to a medium, and have stayed at a medium to this day, and now I can actually run and play sports close to what l used to be able to do years ago. I’m happy with that.

Aside from Covid my biggest obstacles has been injuries and available time. A shoulder injury has prevented me from working out at 100% on some things and work limited my availability, but now that I’m retired and also going for surgery soon, I now can workout on the blue more often and will soon be able to push myself further as well. I plan my day around my workouts now. It’s a priority for me.

My 3 contributing factors in starting this journey were

-motivation to get back into shape,

-being healthy for my kids and Cheryl and

-not wanting to quit sports.

I didn’t like what I had become, I was in horrible shape and wanted to to be able to look in a mirror without disgust. The Fit Club program help make that happen.

I wanted to enjoy growing old and retiring, being able to help my kids with their projects, being in shape for Cheryl, and get out and do things with them and contribute to life.

Also sports, I couldn’t play hockey, baseball or frisbee anymore but now I’m back doing all of that and more.

I’d like to thank RJ and the coaches at Fit Club and Cheryl.

The coaches and their dedication to making you better every day, the variety of workouts, and their energy while working and the energy in the room are huge motivational factors. 1% better everyday.

And of course Cheryl, being able to do this with her has been awesome, she’s my rock, as we both wanted to be better this was a perfect solution, this was and is our challenge together.

My advice to my past self would be, don’t let yourself go, but if you do, don’t give up, battle back, get healthy, find what works for you and be the best you can at whatever it is you do. Make it a priority in your life.

Sometimes you’ll be disappointed in your lack of results but eventually things start to change for the better. Trust the process.

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