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Believe Everything Happens for a Reason. If You Get a Chance, Take It!

I am Amanda and this is my 1 year anniversary at Fit Club! I am so excited and proud of what the past year has brought.

I never thought I would be where I am today. When I started Fit Club I was overweight weak tired and felt hopeless. I tried to get my health under control but nothing I did on my own worked.

I joined Fit Club with low expectations. I was shocked by the coach the workout style, the people, and the entire vibe.

The support I got was unreal and I had an instant new Family. I have achieved so much this past year including losing over 50 pounds!!! and I am so proud of myself. I truly could not have done any of it without the Fitfam by my side or my coach RJ.

RJ held my hands when I was scared to box jump and held my feet up was doing crunches. He is there to be my cheerleader and guide me through the times when I don't believe in myself. I feel like things happen for a reason and people enter your life when you need them.

I will always be so grateful for my FitFam and my friend and coach RJ. I don't know how he did it but Rj created a unique space where you can grow inside and out and develop new bonds and friends while making getting healthy fun. Ty RJ for all that you have done for me, TY Ashley for asking me MANY times to come, and Thank you to the whole Fitfam.

Last I need to say Thank you to my kids who make me want to be the best me. XOXO, Love you all!

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