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It isn’t the workout that is the hard part, it’s the first time walking through the door

I joined Fit Club after having my second daughter. I realized being a little older, bouncing back to pre-pregnancy form wasn’t as easy as the first time. And I needed something more than the elliptical.

Since joining, the changes from my first workout, to my 100th and now my 1000th workout are immeasurable. My energy level, my mobility, my strength and my activities with our girls. And the nutritional side, learning about macros and making better food choices.

Getting to 1000 workouts hasn’t been a smooth road for me. Inconsistency has been my biggest downfall. There have been some career/job changes, I have a part-time evening and weekend job that I enjoy doing, raising young children, of course, the struggles of covid – getting and recovering from covid, and then getting it again, plus a few injuries over the past few years.

On the flip side, the best parts of this journey and what made it successful for me is the coaches, the members, and having a partner.

Each coach offers a positive, safe, environment where you feel comfortable being there. Having Jenn in the morning and her energy, her encouragement and her drive, makes my mornings. I don’t know if I would still be a 5 am’er if it wasn’t for her.

The members, I have made some really great friends here, we are together on blue and outside.

Since getting Brian to join with me, has boosted my motivation to come here and make it a routine. We push each other, challenge each other, make fun of each other. Friday night date night.

Looking back, I don’t think I would change how I became a member, because 5-10 years ago, I wasn’t ready to make a difference. I live a healthier lifestyle for my children and for myself. They see how hard we work and how sweaty we get. And they want to do it too.

And for anyone else, who thinks this isn’t for you, you would be surprised. It isn’t the workout that is the hard part, it’s the first time walking through the door.

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