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Knowledge, Friendship, and Experience are something I'll never forget. I Love My Gym.

My fitness journey so far. I've met the nicest people you'll ever meet here at Fit Club. The coach is the sweetest, kindest person you'll ever know. Thank you so much, coach Jenn Manchur, for always giving me that extra push. I love it. No pain no gain

The biggest change that I noticed was that my body toned out, and I gained some arm and leg muscles.

I like the knowledge that the coach teaches you while you're in the challenge. And I liked the group that I was in; they were very knowledgeable in their own way.

I learned about food and nutrition intake. I knew a bit, but not as much as I do now, thanks to the belly burn challenge.

For those who are thinking of joining the challenge, I would say do it. For me, knowledge, friendship, and experience are something I'll never forget. The coaches at Fit Club are one of a kind; the coach is awesome and super nice. I'm so happy I joined cheers for many more years of fitness. I love my gym.

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