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We joined FitClub when RJ was at the old gym NLT at Chief Pegius approximately 5 years ago. Some of us lovingly referred to it as the dungeon.

Together, We have reached our 1000 workouts and are thrilled to join our fellow members on the wall.

We can’t say we didn’t have a few struggles along the way. Since we are both in the over 60 age group. I think our age brings specific health issues and of course the pandemic. They say your age is just a number. Although that’s true your mind says you are younger than you are, but your body tells you something different. The FitClub coaches have encouraged us to work to the best of our abilities, trying to be 1% better every day and that mindset has really helped us achieve our goals.

For those of you that are striving for your 1000 workouts, keep going, work as hard as you can, have a little fun and you will get to that number in no time. Just remember it’s your personal journey on your timeline.

If it weren’t for FitClub I feel we would have more difficulty with completing those household tasks that take strength and stamina. As you age you want to be in the best shape you can be, so we continue to push each other each and every workout with the help of our Fit Fam.

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