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A Healthy Mind needs a Healthy Body 🙌

A Healthy Mind needs a Healthy Body 🙌

Amanda had done all she could to get to the best place for her mind & spirit.

All she had left to work on was her Physical.

She joined Fit Club and believes it’s the best thing she has done for herself. ❤️

Even though it’s hard she knows it’s something she has to do as long as she is gifted with LIFE.

All Amanda can say is that the community is one of a kind. 🙏

A safe space to learn and support one another.

Send us a message to try us out 5 Days for $5.💌

I decided that I needed some help getting rid of my excess weight. I had actually gone to see a plastic surgeon, in the documents, it states not to try and lose weight before having the surgery, in my case I was thinking of abdominoplasty and a reduction. After some thought and a conversation with Dawn, I knew that I could get my weight off without surgery. I also wanted to get wedding ready, I didn't want to be a size 16. I thought hey why not ask my sister/best friend if she wanted to join with me and she said yes. My goal is to be healthy holistically, I have done major work on myself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually but physically, I was not cutting it. Having a healthy body, mind, and spirit is my goal I want that to be my baseline as long as I am gifted with life. I wasn't active and if I was it was inconsistent. I did lose 20 lbs on my own since the onset of the pandemic by cutting the unhealthy eating habits. I dropped weight according to my home scale. 10 lbs. I feel my glutes, I feel my muscles all of them Sometimes I'm like it's a lot of information. Feels like I need to slow down to take it all in. What I love about it is the community, I love when Jenn yells around it gets me fired up, Rj is a blast. The gym is inclusive, it feels like a safe place to learn a new skill and I love that we support each other Usually, when people ask me about Fit Club, I tell them it's the best thing I have done for myself, it is something that I will not sacrifice for anyone, and even though it's hard I keep plugging through.

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